Suitable Surfaces

Tarmac and concrete are the most suitable bases for resin gravel applications. The Resin Mill’s permeable paving materials can be laid directly onto an existing tarmac surfaces or if need be a new tarmac surface can be laid.
Existing concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and primed with a polymer primer prior to the installation of the permeable paving. If a primer is not laid, the two surfaces will fail to bond.
If the concrete has been newly set, there must be a minimum of 14 days before the installion of the resin bound. Sometimes it can take longer to cure.
Eco Grid Systems
Eco grid systems can also be used to support resin bound gravel, however, they are used for foot traffic only.

Our extensive range of gravel/aggregate colours will be shown to you so that you can decide which is best for your project. Whilst your Approved Installer can advise on resin bound gravel colour, preference is personal and will vary from client to client and project to project. Samples of different resin gravel colours are available on request.

Should you wish to have a bespoke colour for your resin bound driveway, speak with your Approved Installer to achieve the desired look. Samples can be customised too.

The appearance of resin bound gravel samples supplied by The Resin Mill may vary from batch to batch, because all the aggregates are natural and freshly mined from the quarry. Due to natural variations, there maybe slight variances from sample to sample.


Approved Contractor

We will always expect Approved Contractor's to have strong time keeping and communication skills. They will arrange for any power supply and water before hand. Due diligence is a key part of our service.

Weather Conditions

Your approved installer will plan your install around a dry period of weather, as humidity and rain spoils the appearance of the surface and may wash away the resin once it has been mixed with the aggregate. If rainfall is very light, there should be no effect on your Resin Mill resin bound aggregate.

UV vs. Non-uv stable resin

This use of UV or standard resin will genuinely be determined by the colour and type of aggregate that is used. Only brown or red coloured resin bound aggregates are suitable for Non-UV resin because it can turn resin gravel darker. Whilst the quality of UV stable resin is more refined, it does have a higher expense. Your Approved Installer will advise the best solution for your project.

Curing Time

A general rule of thumb for the setting time on your resin gravel drive is 4 hours before you, (or your pet!), can walk on it and 24 hours before vehicles can go on it. Both the ambient temperature and the temperature of the materials can affect the curing time. If the resin is mixed for a long time, it can speed up the curing time. Catalysts are sometimes added to the resin during colder months; the volume added can affect cure time. Whether the resin mixture is UV or standard, will also impact the length of cure as UV gravel, below 15 degrees can take up to 24 hours to set without using the catalyst.

Colour Variation

The final appearance of your porous paving will depend on the choice of aggregates used. As the aggregates are natural stone, mined straight from the quarry, The Resin Mill continuously stock rotate to combat colour variation. House colour and choice of edging also has an impact on the appearance of the resin bound gravel colour.

Duration of install

The duration of the install will vary dependent on the size of the project. The typical resin bound driveway installation lasts 2 days for an overlay and 7 days for a full base removal. Our Approved Installers work neatly and methodically with respect to neighboring properties. The project will be cordoned off in order to protect the resin bound gravel, until it is dry.


No aftercare is necessary other than for upholding the aesthetic. Regular sweeping with a broom and clean water can maintain your resin bound surface. It can also be jet washed annually.

The spray must be held 30cm away from surface. Weed killer can be applied and will not affect resin. Where cosmetic appearance is really imperative, darker aggregate blends are less likely to show dirt and tire marks. Motorised or industrial style cleaners should not be used.