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Resin Drives – Buy High Quality Resin Drives From Surfacing Direct

Resin drives

Resin Drives

So you are looking at updating your driveway. But why are resin drives becoming increasingly popular over traditional methods of paving such as tarmac, concrete and block paving?


  1. The Resin Mill offer so many different colours, meaning endless design possibilities for resin drives. Resin bound allows you to be extremely creative. Homeowners can pick the colour of resin surfaces to compliment or contrast your property. Resin bound surfaces can be made remarkably unique by creating bespoke colour mixes, adding different borders, edging and also by including lighting systems in to your drive. Click here to view our full colour range. 
  2. Resin drives are truly decorative and have so much more kerb appeal in comparison to tarmac, concrete or block paving. You can be so flexible with the colour of the resin drives, it means that you can tailor them to look exactly how you desire. Just from comparing the pictures below you can see how much more aesthetic a resin drive is over a tarmac drive. Resin drives truly add to the roadside presence of a property. View some examples here.
  3. Resin driveways are porous. This means that when rain falls, it will fall straight through your resin drive, limiting puddles on your driveway. This is ideal in the colder months, as puddles freeze on concrete and tarmac, causing slippages.
  4. Resin drives from The Resin Mill are anti-skid. Our contractors apply a specialist anti-slip material to the finished surface. This further reduces the skid risk.
  5. Our resin drives are weed free and require minimal maintenance. The closed knit structure of the resin bound gravel stops weeds growing up through the surface.


  1. Resin bound gravel is durable and long lasting yet flexible (so it does not crack).
  2. If you are looking to extend your drive, unlike traditional paving methods, resin drives do not need planning permission because they are permeable and therefore the finished surface is a SuDS compliant material.
  3. Resin driveways add to the value of a property as they make a property more desirable.
  4. The resin drives cost can be cheaper than other solutions if using the simple overlay method. There are many tired concrete and tarmac drives which, if there are no cracks in the base or movement in the sub-base, resin bound gravel would be ideal for.
  5. Resin bound driveways are more eco friendly than traditional methods of paving, with a carbon neutral footprint:
    1. Resin Bound
      The approximate haulage weight of materials used when installing resin drives is less than 0.75 tonnes, with a ZERO haulage weight of site debris from excavation.
    2. Patterned Imprinted Concrete
      The approximate haulage weight of materials used is between 6 to 11 tonnes with approximately 5 tonnes of debris from excavation. Cement production accounts for at least 5% of global CO2 emissions.
    3. Block Paving
      The approximate haulage weight of materials used is between 5 to 8 tonnes with the approximate haulage weight of site debris from excavation approximately 5 tonnes. Cement production accounts for at least 5% of global CO2 emissions.


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