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Mr & Mrs Watson

Resin Driveway


Nestled on a quiet, small estate in north Leeds, Mr and Mrs Watson had their resin bound driveway fitted by one of the Yorkshire based Resin Mill Approved Contractors. The driveway was a complete success and subsequently the following 4 houses on the estate decided to also convert their driveway to resin bound, in the same colour.


Benefits of a Resin Mill Resin Driveway

The Resin Mill Direct driveways are of the highest quality and insurance backed guarantee’s are available meaning your driveway is covered if your installer ceases trading. By mixing our beautiful resin bound mixes with our premium quality resin we supply amazing value for money driveways that are stunning yet durable. Homeowners installing Resin Mill Direct drives don’t need planning permission. This is because resin bound is permeable and will therefore reduce any impact that flooding would usually have.


Application: Resin Driveway
Location: Leeds
Resin Bound Colour: Farmhouse Gold
Area: 290 square meters
Base: Concrete
Depth: 15mm
Edging: Block paving
Duration of Install: 5 days