Resin Bound Colours (25)

Oyster Pearl (UV)

This is our deluxe medley and is the epitome of opulence consisting of silver and cream tones, generating a mesmerising pearl colour mix. It is one of our best sellers due to its transferability and luxurious aesthetic. If you are looking for the creme de la creme of resin driveways, choose Oyster Pearl (UV).


With pigments of gold and grey, Olympus is a beautiful mix of highly complimentary stones, granting a jewelled affect. A very distinctive resin bound/ resin bonded gravel mix. it is one of the preferred choices for driveways around coastal areas where there is substantial stone and rendered property. It will add the wow factor to any part of your garden too.


Cappuccino is an assembly of the finest French stone aggregates. It is affective as stand-alone piece but is often complimented by borders of our Marble Crema resin bound gravel, which creates a truly spectacular patio paving. The varying size of resin gravel adds dimension and texture as well as providing a solid inter-locking surface.

Grey Slate (UV)

With varying grey tones, this resin bound gravel makes for an impressive driveway. Silver speckles are present throughout offering a misty slate look. It looks great on small areas but fantastic over larger areas. Versatile and sophisticated, Grey Slate complements contemporary properties.

Marble Crema (UV)

This Spanish marble is even and consistent, with creamy sand tones running throughout. It has a very smooth marble appearance upon setting and is a head turner of resin bound surfacing. Use green tones of resin gravel for borders for a contrasting Mediterranean look on your resin drive.

Summer Beach

This Mediterranean blend consists of mellow gold and beige resin gravel giving a summery visual, which is a simple easy way to brighten up any driveway. It looks fantastic as resin bonded gravel and is affective enough as a stand-alone piece and is an impressive choice for garden paving in pretty landscapes.


Inverno is a resin bound gravel mix that is transferable across most applications, be it a resin drive, resin path or resin patio. It looks marvellous with modern brick but also compliments some period properties too, This resin bound gravel is a strong colour match for existing patio flags and you will find it picks out the veins in natural stone.

Spring Haze (UV)

This golden, polenta white, red and brown fusion is one of our most popular resin bound gravel mixes for resin driveways. It is a traditional choice and is often located around properties in the Cotswold areas due to its ability to highly flatter the stone properties.

Titanium (UV)

Any paving expert knows that the ideal driveway can be created with this silvered ash resin gravel. It is a harmonious mix that can be partnered with most design ideas for resin bound surfacing. Titanium enhances many modern properties because of its contemporary palette and is one of the favoured resin bound colours.

Ireland Green (UV)

This colour palette of greens and beiges offers a varying dimension of stone that will truly bring depth to your resin bound driveway. It has a speckled effect offers an elegant aesthetic and it is a the perfect substitute for any traditional paving method. For a fantastic looking resin gravel driveway, Ireland Green (UV) can be highly recommended.

Jet Black (UV)

A porous alternative to tarmac. For the cost of a tarmac drive our Jet Black (UV) is certainly the preferred option as it looks cleaner and classier but also allows water to drain through, offering a huge advantage to homeowners over tarmac, as it reduces drainage costs. Offering an incredible shine this striking black mix is perfect for full resin gravel driveway systems. Other driveway ideas include using Jet Black (UV) for small detailed areas such as edging or borders.

Starlight (UV)

Starlight (UV) is the ultimate stardust of the resin driveway industry. It offers a combination of jet-black and silver flecks that will infuse a touch a magic in to any resin driveway project. The colours of the basalt and granite are the ultimate mix of paving stones for contemporary buildings, adding instant kerb appeal.

Aspen (UV)

Aspen is the perfect colour for those driveways requiring a lighter coloured look. It can be used as a dramatic feature or to brighten up properties.

Platinum (UV)

Platinum is a tight mix a dark coloured resin bound gravel. It offers an out of this world shine and will make your driveway the envy of any neighbours or passers by.

Sahara (UV)

A carefully thought out angular sandy blend with flecks of silver is a classic favourite for driveways as it brightens the overall look of buildings and landscapes. Sahara wears exceedingly well whilst offering an exclusive resin bound driveway mix and the upmost kerb appeal.

Meadow (UV)

Meadow (UV) is a fine blend of yellow and sandy coloured resin gravel, offering a deliciously crunchy golden aesthetic and exquisite driveway material with the upmost kerb appeal. You can be sure any onlooker would be envious of the emergence of a rich consistency in this resin bound paving mix.

Farm House Gold

Farmhouse Gold is a first-class choice because of the beautiful blend of Irish and German stone, offering a golden brown mix with strong infusions of gold. It is one of our most attractive mixes and is very popular because the lovely quartz colours compliment most properties, regardless of the size, period or style. It looks fabulous as resin bonded gravel also.


A scrumptious combination of red and golden resin bound aggregates, creating resin bound paving full of warm tones. The varying size and silhouette of the differing aggregates give Transcendence great definition and texture. For alternative resin driveway ideas, contrast against strong colours and compliment with plain borders of beige or red colours.

Porto Fino

When using such a contrasting duo of gravel resin, the outcome is a driveway with a defined appearance and texture. Fully sourced in the UK, these gravels are angular in shape, forming a strong textured presentation. If you are looking for something different an unusual, our Porto Fino mix is just for you.

Rosso Luna

Naturally deep and burnished red in pigment, Rosso Luna is a strong and exuberant colour. It will give your resin drive great definition and texture as well as adding character to your property or garden. For a high impact look, we recommend that you contrast Rosso Luna against other strong plain colours.

Purity (UV)

If you are looking for something distinctive and eye catching for your driveway paving, look no further than Purity, a solid choice. It is a special mix of amber coloured aggregates, with warm sand tones present throughout. The silver speckles contrast the opposing aggregates, offering a dazzling mix and a highly decorative resin stone driveway.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a tight-knit fusion of natural golden colours offering a quintessential driveway for most properties. It delivers warmer tones and when a more distinctive colour mix is required for a supreme resin drive. A naturally round stone, our Sweet Pea is a very popular resin bound preference, one of the best sellers and offers a charming finish.

Evening Rose

An elegant mix of resin bound aggregates using an autumnal colour palette of greens and beiges of varying dimensions. Due to the green infusion, it is well suited to compliment planted and grassed landscapes. It can really highlight green garden areas and is usually used throughout the garden for pathways. It is also used for permeable driveways, patios and for general ground works.

Merit (UV)

A red and silver resin bound mix offers a unique combination and will create an inviting focal point for any driveway. The strong red colour adds depth and flare, even more so when laying this coloured resin bound driveway with similar coloured properties.

Sweet Pea 10mm

This resin bound mixture looks good enough to eat. If you are looking for garden design ideas, the fusion of milk chocolate and cocoa aggregates makes for a fantastic looking tree pit. Sadly the variation of round Sweet Pea resin bound in the 10mm is not suitable for driveways as it can only hold light foot traffic.